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A letter to you

I am my studio now, maybe it is all about being still. A mean to quiet the outer world, so that the inner world might bring his sight, escaping from  what concerns me in the outer reality.

For the last 2 years, I have been breathing far. Different worlds, different projects and one life. Turkey, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and Italy.


‘Attraversare’, Nairobi 2018, One Off Gallery, another attempt of the most elusive and ineffable quest: how to give account of these experiences as an artist ?

How to find meaning through my art after spending time with migrants in Sicily, Syrian refugees in Turkey, Internal Displaced People in South Sudan or with excluded people in Mogadishu ?

I remember the nights of Mogadishu, a moon behind the clouds, that only white flower in South Sudan, the two bibles in Dinka and in Somali, the sea and the tale of a promised Land called Europe, the crucifixions in the churches of Sicily.

Throughout all this, my own transformation, what I have made and shared and again the recurrent idea of crossing the border, create a dialogue, an idea of change and purification.

Artworks that redeem, made to filter my perception, through the lens of nature, history, and personal experience.

These works suggest solitary contemplation. They are to be seen privately, quietly. Intrinsically, there are impermanence and fluidity. I am still pursuing something. And in the end no definitive result. It just reinforces the fleeting, temporal nature of the observed world.

                                       Nairobi,February 2018


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